Lazy people innovate

A few days ago, I posted the following on Twitter.

@raz0r - Lazy people innovate. The one who invented multiplication did not want to add numbers all life. #justsaying **

I truly believe that this is true.

From a programmer’s perspective

  • Why do we see a blast of all the coding frameworks around us?

  • Why is that everyone asks us not to reinvent the wheel?

  • Why is everyone trying to make us write less code?

The answer boils down to the fact that by doing all of that, we commit less mistakes and hence we have a more bug free code.

We end up thinking more than programming.

We Innovate.

Our job as programmers is not to churn out huge chunks of code everyday. Our job is to think innovative ways to solve a problem. Code is not the main product we are looking for. Code is not what we want to do. But it is what makes everything run. It is a necessity

Someone recently told me a story about their daughter. This is how it goes:

Let’s call her ‘S’. When she was 11 months old she had not started walking or even crawling for that matter. Everyone was a little worried. They thought of playing a game. They made ‘S’ sit on one side of a jute mat and placed her favorite toy on the other end. They started calling her name out so she would crawl to the toy to get it.

Guess what she did?

She just pulled the mat and got hold of her toy.

It clearly says that she definitely is smart. And, she found a cool solution to her problem, by which she had to spend less energy by not even having to get up from her place aka “lazy” :)

When given a problem, one should take their time to think about it and not rush into writing code. Ponder over it and find the best solution. We all want to make the best software we can. We want to make it elegant and sleek. We don’t want to write shitty code.

Laziness is misunderstood. Usually, people consider it to be a negative quality. I say, it is okay to be lazy if one understands their responsibilities.

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