Keep Calm and Stay Focused

I am going to talk about the time when an entrepreneur is at a turning point in life.

I am talking about the time when the money you raised from your friends and family for your startup is running out and the only thing left is you and your team. You tried to run away from the question of sustenance for a long time, but now there is no more running. You are under the gun. You have to take a stand. You have to decide what is to be done next.

This is a stage which is the most important in your life. This is the most important test you will ever face. Everyone in your family is going to be asking you this question about what is going on with work. Your co-founders will have the same doubts as you, and no one is sure of what is going to happen next. Everyone is avoiding the same questions. Only leading to more irritation and frustration.

If you are coming from services/freelance background, you will always feel that urge of going back to that and get some money into the system. I had the same urge. Some people might think, that taking up one or two projects is alright and might even help.

I disagree.

I know that once you go back to freelancing for sustenance, there is no coming back.

I’ll tell you what I did and helped me through the process. These are not necessarily guidelines on how to go through the tough times, but this is surely one way.

  • Trust the people around you. They are also in the same place as you are. You need to reiterate why you even got with your team to start this in the first place.

  • In the end, the idea or the product does not matter. Someone else half way around the world might have the same idea and is already working on a similar or even better implementation.

  • Take a break. No point pushing yourself in a bad mindset. Go out with your friends and family, have good food and have a drink. Just try and relax.

Don’t overcompensate. There is nothing wrong. **

  • Don’t hide your feelings. Even if you know that it might cause some problems with the co-founders right now, never, and I mean never hide your true feelings from your co-founder. Fight with them, abuse them or even hit them if they are ready to take that but DO NOT keep it inside you. It will just burn you up inside and hurt everyone at the end.

  • Keep calm and stay focused. Do not stop what you are doing. Remember why you started working on this project. You know you like the idea and you know that the team is awesome.

I know that these things do not solve the monetary issues, but they lead you to something which might help you do that. They help you think straight and take the right call.

All of us over analyze. That’s just human nature. Just let go. **

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